Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Free Pumpkin Writing Paper

The other day I had a substitute and needed something fun for my kids to do during writing!  Since our theme was "Pumpkins," I whipped up this free writing paper!

When I returned from my all-day meeting, I was pleasantly surprised by the creative, great work I saw!  I considered it a win-win! 

To prep this writing page all I did was print off enough copies for my first graders (plus a few extras)!  The pumpkin is partially transparent so it looks best when you print directly from the file!

It's pretty self-explanatory, but feel free to leave a comment with any questions or ideas!

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Happy Halloween! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Community Helpers Easy Reader Freebie!

Children's books are one of my favorite things to add to my first grade classroom!  I try to create an atmosphere where I'm always excited about the new books being added to our class library-- I use bonus points to buy books from Scholastic each month, and I am always looking for easy readers to  allow my kiddos to make their own books to take home!

Each page in this easy reader freebie features a different community helper and a simple sentence explaining their job!  

For my classroom, I printed one copy in all color.  I put the cover on cardstock and the inside pages on just regular paper!  To assemble, I creased the papers on the dashed line down the center of each page and inserted them into the cover to staple-- NO CUTTING is required!

After creating a classroom copy, I also printed the included blackline version for my students to have.  I didn't assemble those books because I'm all about letting my firsties do things for themselves!  I always have a few extras on hand, but I think it's worth the extra time and effort to build their problem solving skills!

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I hope you enjoy this free printable book!  Happy teaching :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Addition True or False Freebie!

Halloween is right around the corner, and I'm probably more excited about it than my first graders!  Anyways, we are working on true or false equations in math and I wanted something simple enough for my kiddos and a little spooky too, so I whipped up these two practice sheets.

After a quick mini-lesson about true or false addition equations, we started our daily math workshop rotations!  My students rotate between four stations (going to all four every day).  We have "read about math", "with the teacher", "choose a math center", and "math games on the Chromebooks"!

I had my students start with the practice sheet where they circled either true or false.  All the problems are within 10, and I was pleasantly surprised when all my students completed it without any issues!  Woot woot!

Then, the next day in class, we reviewed our goal for the week and my students practiced true and false equations again, but with a fun twist!  They colored the boxes green if they were true and purple if they were false.

To help from getting confused, I recommended that my students color in the key at the top so they could easily refer back to it.

Ready to download this freebie for your kids???  Hop over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and grab it-- just click the grey button below.

Have a wonderful week & happy teaching!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Farm Animal Sentences

After four weeks of school, my first graders are finally able to work independently during Reader's Workshop while I teach Guided Reading groups!  Whew!

To help my kiddos practice matching "what they see to what they say," I created this fun and low-prep literacy center!

Since my kiddos are working on looking at the picture to help them read, and using their reading finger to point to each word as they say it, I modeled this center under my document camera for my whole class to see.

I grabbed a picture card, looked at what was in the picture, and then used my reading finger to read aloud the sentence that matched! 

I added this activity to our bookshelf of literacy center choices and told my students that they could either work independently or with a partner to match all of the farm animal picture cards to the sentence that matches.

Although it's a simple activity, the animals are adorable and my students were eager to get their turn!  I was happy too, because they were using the reading strategies we have learned so far this school year.  

Ready to download it for FREE???  Hop over to my Teachers Pay Teacher shop for this freebie!

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I hope you enjoy this free activity.  Happy teaching!