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  • Kindergarten Letters A to Z Activity Book for Letter Sounds


    Want to PURCHASE ON TPT INSTEAD?  Click HERE! Searching for an exciting way to teach letters to your students? This fun A-Z Activity Book allows students to have a fun and interactive way to learn letters, letter sounds and words that start with each letter. There are so many different unique learning activities in this…

  • Santa Beard Fine Motor Cutting and Tracing Practice Worksheets


    Want to PURCHASE ON TPT INSTEAD?  Click HERE! Looking for a fun fine motor activity this Holiday season? The Santa’s Beard Fine Motor activity offers many options– focus on tracing, cutting, and even social emotional learning (SEL) and emotions all while having FUN! This activity can help students work on following directions and persevering through…

  • Uppercase A to Z Animal Letter Crafts Perfect for Kindergarten


    Want to PURCHASE ON TPT INSTEAD?  Click HERE! A PDF file with 26 pages of uppercase letter cut-and-paste crafts. Each page is  focused on a different letter represented visually with a word that starts with the given letter. Each page also has a word starting with the letter for students to trace. DIRECTIONS: 1. Download…