Thursday, August 15, 2019

Back to School Transportation Graph

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Back to school season is upon us!  If you teach littles like I do, you know how crazy end-of-the-day transportation can be those first couple of days!

To make things just a little easier, I always work in an activity on the first day to go over (AGAIN) how everyone is getting home that day.

Prepping this whole-group activity is fairly simple.  I pre-make an anchor chart with the modes of transportation on the bottom and numbers going up the side.

There are lots of options in my FREE download, but I kept it simple by just using the four that I knew my students needed!

Then, after gathering all my kiddos on our SitSpots, we talked about how being safe is one of our three school-wide rules.  I told my first graders that to help them stay safe, we were going to mark where each kid would go at the end of the day AND write it on their hand in a sharpie. (I also gave them a hand stamp on the other hand for being so patient as we went through each student.)  

As I called each kiddo up, we made some observations about the graph and I tried to throw in a few math terms.... I can't help myself... even on the first day!

That's it!  Just a simple way to practice carpet expectations and make sure to double check on everyone's transportation!

If you'd like to download this free resource, simply click the blue button above!!!  Then, check out these other Back to School Freebies below!

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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rainbow Money Matching Game

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Spring is in the air (at least hopefully soon!!!) and if you are teaching money, this is the perfect freebie for you!  


This low-prep activity is super simple to get ready!  Simply print off the free download (linked on the blue button below).  Then, laminate the pages in Scotch Laminating Pouches and cut out the pieces.

To stay organized, keep all the pieces in a clear zippered pouch.

If you want to make this activity even more hands-on consider using real or pretend money along with it!  

Plus, my students love using pretend coins and whiteboards during "free choice math".

If your students are struggling to add the coin amounts, consider letting them use fine point dry erase markers on the pieces (only if you laminated them) so that they can label the value of each individual coin.  Students could also use whiteboards to add those values together.

There is so much power in letting kids work through things and persevere!  They can do it-- it might just take some time, but that is OK!

You might also want to visit my Pinterest board specifically about teaching money!  It's packed full of ideas and resources pertaining to teaching money and coins.

I also have a blog post for another FREE money matching game!  It's ice cream themed and pretty cute in my opinion.  :)

Featured TPT Resource:

Bundled now for only $4

Ready to download the FREE Rainbow Money Matching Game???

Just click on the blue button below!

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Happy teaching!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Free Penguin Number Bonds

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I have so many routines and procedures in my first grade classroom, so when fun holidays like Valentine's Day roll around I love to break out of our normal routine and mix in some fun and cute work stations!  

I knew this FREE Penguin Number Bond Activity would be engaging and easy for my kiddos to understand.

Getting Ready: 

To prep this math activity, I just printed out the free download on my home printer (it's an HP that I connected to Instant Ink and it's a LIFE SAVER!)  Seriously, I want to buy a second one for my classroom so I don't have to walk down to the copier!!!

I also laminated the pieces.  I do this for almost everything because I teach first grade (Kinder teachers you KNOW) and because the Scotch brand pouches I use are much thicker than my school's giant shared laminator.  

I always just laminate the full sized sheets first and then cut out the pieces.  

I used to be a CUT, laminate, CUT AGAIN kinda lady (very type A), but once I bought my own personal laminator I've never gone back!  

The Activity:

Once I had everything prepped, I gathered my first graders on our classroom carpet to show them the new math center I had made for them.  I popped the penguin cards under our Hovercam and showed the students that the two "parts" were given to them and they would just have to place the heart of the "whole" on the tummy of each penguin.

I also set out some mini erasers for my few low-babies who would need manipulative counters to double check their work.  It's SO important to always tie it back to more concrete objects for those kids who need it!

Since we had a Valentine's party already planned (grab the FREE editable party letter), I just set the Penguin Number Bonds out as an option for our "math free choice" time.

The "NEW" factor coupled with the fact that I have like 6 students who want to play "school" 24/7 meant that this activity was a HIT!

I hope it works for you as much as it did for me and feel free to comment if you have any questions or ideas to share!  Plus, you can check out these other fun penguin activities for kids (linked below) and snag yourself another freebie from one of my friends!

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As always, happy teaching!