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When my $60 electric pencil sharpener began to wear down, I did what any teacher would– I started browsing the internet for pencil sharpeners to replace it.  Although my electric sharpener did a good job for a solid two years, I still wanted to find something less expensive that would get the job done!

First Impression

During my teacher-research, I came across a familiar product: “The Best Pencil Sharpener in the World” as they call it.  I had seen it on Instagram and other teacher blogs, but I really wasn’t sure if a non-electric sharpener would live up to that name.
When I hopped over to the Classroom Friendly Supplies website, I was impressed by a few things right off the bat:
  • The price is reasonable at 24.99, but you can also get a good deal if you or your school buys more than one.
  • The amount of color choices– I went with firehouse red, but they have 6 other colors!
  • The company gives back to charity with each purchase.
  • A teacher owns and operates the business!
I also saw that Classroom Friendly Supplies would send me a free sharpener in exchange for my honest review of the product on my blog.  I figured I had nothing to loose, so I jumped on the opportunity and I’m SO GLAD I did.  I can assure you that my praise for this product is completely genuine and truthful.

The Review

First off, the sharpener arrived quickly and was packaged well and with care.  It was completely assembled and honestly got me excited about sharpening pencils– I am a first grade teacher after all, and WE ALL LOVE SCHOOL SUPPLIES.
Anyways, I wasn’t exactly sure how to work it right away (I made a quick video to show you below) so I tinkered around with it for a minute and sharpened my first pencil.  They really aren’t kidding when they say it sharpens pencils to a perfect point EVERY. TIME.
I was sold, and I really think the design of the pencil sharpener is the reason it is so much better than anything I’ve ever used before.  Instead of you pushing the pencil into the sharpener, the two black buttons on the top clamp the pencil for you and PULL it into the sharpener.  This, along with the fact that it has a good blade on the inside is why I think it is superior to other sharpeners– manual or electric.
Lastly, I highly recommend this product because it is much quieter than you’d expect, it’s easy to operate, and it doesn’t create a “powdery” mess of pencil fluff, but instead carves off little spirals!  You can see these if you look closely on the picture above.
You can also check out my quick YouTube video below to see me sharpen a brand new (flat) pencil.
If you’d like to buy this awesome sharpener, simply click on the blue button below– you won’t regret it!
Happy sharpening and feel free to comment with any questions and I’d be happy to answer them for you!  If you’re still looking for more teacher-tested products, you can follow my Pinterest board specifically for that!

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