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Almost every day, my first grade students have a writing “job”.  We might be starting a week-long writing project, responding to prompts, adding a new entry into our independent journals, or we could be doing some sort of writing craft!  I like to mix it up, but regardless, my students are writing every day and they LOVE it!

One of the reasons my students love to write each day is because once they finish the “job” that has been assigned for that day, they get to “FREE WRITE”.

Basically, I have a table with all sorts of blank writing templates on it and they can choose anything they want to do as long as they are writing!

I was lucky enough to have a retired teacher donate a huge bag of postcards to my classroom earlier this year, but when I noticed we were running low, I whipped up some of my own!
I simply printed a handful of postcards in color, and some on colored cardstock.
They aren’t anything fancy, but my kiddos love to write a short message and then draw pictures on the back!  Some of my students just write postcards to their friends and family, but I also try to encourage my students to get creative and think about what they would say if they traveled somewhere different!

Having a variety of writing formats keeps things fresh, and I sure do love getting postcards “mailed” to my desk.  🙂
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