St Patricks Day Reading Activities and Centers




This set of St. Patrick’s Day reading activities include 6 fun and engaging literacy activities for kindergarten, first and second graders! Students will love the long and short vowel word sort, two different writing prompts,  picture/word matching card activity, play-doh word building mats, reading comprehension activity, and a word building activity! These lessons and activities are perfect for centers, small groups, whole class, and at home learning!


  • Long and short vowel sounds sort
  • St. Patrick’s Day writing prompts x 2
  • Word + picture match
  • Play-dough word building mats
  • The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day story parts activity
  • St. Patrick’s Day word building activity


1. Download the PDF file.

2. Print out the St. Patrick’s Day Literacy Activity pages.

3. Students will love practicing their long and short vowel sounds with the word sort. Students could review or practice with this activity by reading each word aloud independently or with a learning partner. Students will then sort each word by writing them under the correct vowel sound. This is perfect for either review, small group practice, or centers!

With the St. Patrick’s Day themed writing prompts, students can enjoy practicing their writing, two ways! The first activity, students can write about what would happen if they caught a lucky leprechaun. The next writing prompt can be used as a classroom display called “My Lucky Life”. For this prompt, students will write about the things they feel lucky for in their lives. Feel free to copy multiple lined pages or just one to differentiate the amount of writing for each child! There is a cute shamrock cover that students can decorate and color for a super cute classroom display of their writing!

This resource also includes St. Patrick’s Day themed word and picture match cards activity that’s perfect for students who need practice reading words and matching them to the correct picture! This is perfect for simple fluency practice for centers!

Students can also practice building and writing St. Patrick’s Day themed words on play-dough mats. Be sure to laminate or place these into page protectors to use time and time again throughout the month. Students will love this hands-on, engaging word building activity. Just add some fun green Play-Dough and some green dry erase markers!

I included a St. Patrick’s Day read aloud story elements lesson. Many read the silly story The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day during March. After reading this with students, they can reflect on the story parts -characters, setting, the main events, and their favorite parts using this reflection sheet! The fun clip art makes for a great coloring activity after they finish!

Lastly, this set also includes a St. Patrick’s Day word building activity where students cut apart the letter tiles at the bottom to manipulate and make as many new words as they can. They will then write all the words they find in the pot of gold! If they use all ten letters, it spells “leprechaun” – perfect for a challenge!


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Erica Lynn Lindquist // The Simplified Classroom


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