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The Activity:

As the warmth of spring fills the air, it’s time to rejuvenate your play dough center with our delightful Spring Flower Play Dough Mats! These mats feature adorable flower templates that inspire creativity and fine motor development in your students. Watch as they immerse themselves in shaping petals, stems, and leaves, bringing their own little garden to life! Perfect for injecting some seasonal magic into your classroom activities, these mats have been an absolute hit with my students during the blossoming days of springtime. Let the floral fun begin!

Getting Ready:

First, purchase this teaching resource in our SHOP or on Teachers Pay Teachers. Then,
print the mats on sturdy cardstock or laminate them for longevity. Cut along the outlines to separate each mat. Designate a space in your classroom for the center, ensuring it’s easily accessible for students. Provide containers of colorful play dough nearby, along with optional tools like rolling pins and cookie cutters. Introduce the center to your students, explaining the activity and encouraging them to use their fine motor skills to create vibrant spring scenes. Watch as their creativity blossoms along with their motor skills!

Make it Fun:

Consider adding a few extra elements to excite things! Introduce themed accessories like plastic flower beads, small plastic insects, or decorative gems to inspire creative storytelling and imaginative play. You could also provide printed cards with prompts or challenges, such as “Create a garden scene” or “Make a bouquet for someone special,” to encourage students to think critically and extend their play. With these enhancements, the center becomes not only a space for fine motor development but also a hub of imaginative exploration and artistic expression.

Engage your students with these delightful Spring Literacy Activities! Designed for kindergarten, first, and second graders, this set includes six fun and interactive activities. From color-by-code beginning blend practice to spring-themed writing tasks, play-dough word building mats, mixed-up spring word matches, a reading comprehension activity, and an ending sound sort, there’s something for every learner. Whether used in centers, small groups, whole class settings, or for at-home learning, these lessons promise to captivate and educate!

Spring Freebie:

Enjoy building number sense and reinforcing skip counting skills with our FREE Spring Insects Skip Counting Puzzles designed for first-grade students! These engaging puzzles offer a super simple yet highly effective math center activity. Students will love the interactive nature of the puzzles while honing their skip counting abilities. Incorporate them into your math centers or use them for individual practice. We hope this freebie adds value and excitement to your classroom!


Ready to download our Spring Flower Play Dough Mats? Simply click on the blue button below to be redirected to our TPT Store!

Happy Teaching! 

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